Application information and advice:
Good applicants will have strong guild history, being in top WvW and GvG guilds from around the game. Some trials will be asked or you may ask to be trialed in our private arena, demonstrating your gameplay - in particular, movement, skill usage, dodging ability and communication. If you have a weak previous guild history but can prove yourself - you will certainly be considered.

The absolute best way to get on trial in the guild (beyond the private arena) is to provide gameplay footage of your own gameplay that you have recorded previously. NOT videos from other people/guildies.
A strong and long application, where you have explained your function and trait/gear choices will definitely lead to whispers from our members wanting to find out more from you. The longer and more effort you put into your application, the more likely we are going to want you - as it shows you do have passion and really want a shot in one of the top guilds in the world.

Recording is not always possible and a melee player might not particularly do lots of pvp - so it is absolutely vital that you put in a lot of effort for your written application.

Mesmers, D/D ele's, Thieves in particular, will do a fair amount of pvp and roaming as a rule - as in GvG/open guild fights, you will be harassing their backline and enemy focus team. Good English is required and strong communication - though this can be said for all applicants.